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The story of the original Tundra Grill Outdoor Fireplace starts in Finnish Lapland, where good food and warmth are valued, and steel material is respected. The idea behind the Tundra Grill was to create a fireplace for outdoor cooking and for heating, as well as for bringing a pleasant atmosphere in Lapland teepees.

The first Tundra Grill model “Basic” was launched to the market in 1993. Over the time a wide range of models have been developed into open and multifunctional outdoor fireplace, which can be used with wood and with charcoal.

Today, Tundra Grill products are marketed under the Muurikka brand, and there is a wide range of compatible Muurikka products available. You can grill and smoke food, broil fish, cook soups and casseroles, as well as make coffee with the Tundra Grill. It invites people to enjoying the outdoors, warmth, good food, and each other’s company.

Tundra Grill in Courtyard, Summerhouse, Grill Kota Pavilion
Durable and easily maintained Tundra Grill Outdoor Fireplace is easily and promptly assembled e.g. in the courtyard, on terrace, in summerhouse and grill kota pavilions, as well as in Lapland type of teepees.  

When installing Tundra Grill indoors, a chimney set, available as an extra equipment, is required. The chimney set ensures that fireplace smoke extraction works well, when also the combustion air from outdoors is taken into account properly.

Extensive Product Range
Tundra Grill Outdoor Fireplace provide us an everyday luxury - with style and versatility. Different models are suitable from small courtyards to public outdoor places, and from small grill pavilions to large summer cottages.

Tundra Grill outdoor fireplaces are available as high and low models. High models feature an ergonomic working height and low models create warmth and comfort indoors, all the way from the floor level up to the ceiling of a gill pavilion.

Tundra Grill has a versatile basic equipment, like e.g. easy-to-use solid swing-out skillets, barbeque racks, and fish broiling boards, so that several dishes can be cooked at once. You can complete your outdoor fireplace with side tables. The wide range of Tundra Grills and compatible Muurikka products ensure versatile using possibilities of Tundra Grill Outdoor Fireplace.

Made in Finland - since 1993
All Tundra Grill Outdoor fireplaces are made of Finnish steel, and manufactured in Finland, which ensures the quality and durability of original Tundra Grill products. The steel material is powder coated steel, which has very good resistance to high temperatures as well as to weather changes. The colour options of Tundra Grills and chimney sets are: black, antique copper and stainless steel.

When Outdoor Cooking is a Pleasure!